ICA – "Destination Självledarskap"

We at Hello Studio were commissioned by ICA to develop a concept for their new digital team journey with the aim of strengthening the ability for self-leadership. The work resulted in the concept name Destination Självledarskap (Destination Self-Leadership) and a playful look made of collage technique. The concept is based on traveling and taking control of their own and the entire crew’s journey towards different destinations and goals, as the ICA employee in this concept also takes strategic actions to continuously increase their self-awareness and making conscious choices to get forward.

”Hello Studio was involved from the start and worked together with the project team with weekly reconciliations. The close collaboration created a good understanding of how the whole and the various learning modules would be visualized and, above all, a speed in the event of fluctuations in the work. Hello captured the feeling of what we wanted to achieve in images and concepts early on, which made it more fun along the way to build the team journey, and above all, that the end result turned out so well!” says Mia Ritsfalk, Manager Learning Delivery, ICA Gruppen.